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Replika Sound RSSD01 Dark Piano For Kontakt

The sounds comprise a large collection of Glissandi, String Scrapes, Deep Booms and Sub Rumbles, all manner of Metallic Clangs, Beats, Chimes and Resonances, Mid-range and High Metallic and Wooden Percussive Hits, and other interesting Textural Sounds and Loops.

Sonora Cinematic – Magnetica – Kontakt Freebie

Magnetica is a free Kontakt instrument created to instantly provide media composers with ready-to-use lush and evocative cinematic soundscapes.

8dio Free ASMR for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX

Thanks to 8Dio Free ASMR, your compositions will acquire a new dimension in which you will be able to drive the listener through sensations other than just ‘hearing music’. ASMR recordings are a new and original way to enrich your scores with new levels of madness.

Puremagnetik Snare Designer For Kontakt/Ableton/Logic

Whether you are producing rock, electronic, jazz or film scoring, this free sound pack delivers a huge palette of percussive colors to your production.


DMS Classic Trance MIDI Vol 1

The DMS classic trance MIDI file series recreates the extreme euphoria of the late 90’s trance explosion. These 30 massive uplifting MIDI riffs will get those creative juices flowing!

Hype Progressive Melodies – Free Midi Files

Download 24 hype progressive midi file melodies from Highlife Samples for use in your own musical productions.

Modeaudio – Free 800mb Sampler

Download driving drum machine rhythms, soaring electric guitar riffs, pulsating analog synth loops, found percussion samples and far beyond free now.

Drum Jockey – 100 DNB Beats – MIDI And WAV

The Drum Jockey has made available this collection of Drum and Bass drum loops in WAV and MIDI Format.


JuceOPLVSTi – FM Synthesizer VST

Classic game sounds in modern plugin form. As heard in late 80s / early 90s sound cards. Powered by DOSBox emulation. Download free now.

Noizefield Noizedelay

With NoizeDelay you can program four different delays at the same time. NoizeDelay is the creativity weapon for your music production!

The Molot Compressor

Molot is a stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor implemented in VST format.

Bluenoise Mountain Echo

Mountain Echo is a plugin modelled to sound like the sweet sounding vintage tape echo from the sixties.


Noizefield Presets For Diversion

30 exclusive presets for the plug-in “Diversion” by Dmitry Sches aimed for electronic dance music and contains arpeggios, punchy basses and phat leads.

Cosmic Trigger Presets For Serum

Download 64 free presets for Xfer Records Serum synth plugin by Sonic Sirius today.

Ghosthack Free Trap And Dubstep Samples – Pack 6

Ghosthack returns with a slightly larger free sample pack than usual featuring 90 samples and presets. This one includes some heavy 808 basses and kicks and also some 808 sounding processed snares suitable for Trap and Dubstep and more.

MGF Audio Mega Pack – 7gb Sample Pack Download

Download this massive 7gb collection of sample packs, multisamples and wavetables for Serum and other synths from MGF Audio today. Packed with samples from hardware synths including the Yamaha DX21, Prophet, Moog Voyager, Alpha Juno, Roland JV1080 and much more.


Jiggery Pokery Free Reason Refills

Visit the Jiggery Pokery website for a variety of free refills to download for Propellerheads Reason DAW. From the infamous Moog Taurus Bass synth to the classic retro 8bit sounding ZX Spectrum bank, there is something for everyone here.

BPB Cassette 909

155 carefully edited one-shot samples of the classic Roland 909 drum machine with 71 clean samples and 84 tape processed hits.

Peff – Over 35 Free Refills For Reason

Reason Refill libraries are sample and patch archives that compliment Propellerheads Reason. Download a huge collection of free Refills from Peff today.

Stereo Klang Free Reason Refills

Choose from a wide range of free Refills to download for Propellerhead Reason provided online by Stereo Klang.

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