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Cinematique Instruments - Landscape For NI Kontakt

LANDSCAPE is an instrument that easily creates deeply woven, dynamic ambiances and drones. Equipped with seven layered sounds and eight effects LANDSCAPE can be used either as self-running drone generator or as a playable instrument.

The Concept

LANDSCAPE is based around seven sound slots, which can be loaded with various sounds. Five of these slots feature an assortment of waveforms, one is dedicated to noise and rumbling, and the last one can generate waterdrops or atomic blips using random intervals.

Each of them is equipped with an individual type of filter as well as a speed adjustable automation to ensure that you get endless sounding ambiances that never repeat themselves.

For shaping the overall sound LANDSCAPE provides six insert effects (tone color, rotary speaker, lowpass and multi-filter, drive and glass/space convolution models) and two send effects (reverb and delay).

The Package

One complex patch including all necessary data and functions.

Kontakt 5.6.8 full version is required.

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