Free Reason Refills – Jiggery Pokery Refills

Download Free Reason Refills From Jiggery Pokery

Head on over to the Jiggery Pokery website for a whole heap of free refills for Propellorhead Reason. From the infamous Moog Taurus Bass synth to the classic retro 8bit sounding ZX Spectrum bank, there is something for everyone here.


  • Additives: Retro Additive Synthesizers
  • Eminent 310U Strings v3
  • Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer
  • Harpe Laser
  • 8-bit Magic: ZX Spectrum
  • Guitar chords .reason
  • Farfisa Combo Compact Demo
  • Vox Continental Demo
  • B3 Tonewheels Demo
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