Free Kontakt Instruments – Replika Sound RSSD01 Dark Piano For Kontakt

Free Kontakt Instrument - Replika Sound RSSD01 Dark Piano For Kontakt

Dark Piano is the first of a series of libraries that has been designed to provide an expansive range of dark and suspenseful textures whilst providing controls to allow the composer to easily invent unique sounds.

This library is both a WAV Sample Pack and a series of Virtual Instruments. The sounds comprise a large collection of Glissandi, String Scrapes, Deep Booms and Sub Rumbles, all manner of Metallic Clangs, Beats, Chimes and Resonances, Mid-range and High Metallic and Wooden Percussive Hits, and other interesting Textural Sounds and Loops.

The initial recordings for this instrument were made by acting directly on the strings of a 1963 Kemble MinX piano. Hours of sound design followed to create the variety of dark sounds contained in this library.


  • Dark  Cinematic Sounds made from inside a piano
  • WAV Sample Pack with 1239 WAV Samples including 356 Textural Loops
  • 12 Different Kontakt Instruments included
  • Features AUDITION – our unique Kontakt Player – A most Simple and Intuitive Sample Audition and   Manipulation System
  •  AUDITION – Layer up to 4 Samples together each with Individual Controls and Effects
  •  Glissandi, Scrapes, Deep Booms, Metallic Clangs, High Chimes, Brass and Wood Hits
  •  Loops have 2 Octave Pitch Bend Range making them useful for Risers
  •  Tempo Synced Pulse Gate and Filter Gate
  •  4 Effects Units : 4 Band EQ, Compression, Delay, Convolution Reverb
  •  Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3 (or later) Required to use the AUDITION Player

Audio Preview




Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required to use Audition and the other Players

RSSD01 requires 3.45 GB of hard drive space (WAV files)

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