Free Samples – Snacks From Mars – Free Drum Machine & Synth Samples

Snacks From Mars - Free Drum Machine & Synth Samples

Is your sampler hungry for some new sounds? Then feed it some snacks! Snacks From Mars is a small taste of sounds carefully selected from 22 full products. It includes hits from 12 drum machines and 10 multi-sampled synthesizers, and features 100% hardware processing through some of the finest recording equipment, conversion and tape machines the world has to offer.

Snacks is an easy way to give your sampler a taste of what Samples From Mars has to offer.


  • 1000+ 24bit WAV samples
  • 48 Drum Samples
  • 12 Multi-sampled Synthesizers
  • Drum sounds from: 606, 707, 727, 808, 909, SP-1200, MPC60, CR-78, Simmons, Drumulator, Pocket Operator & Drumtrax
  • Synth sounds from: Voyetra, SH5, SH101, TB303, WASP, 2600, VP330, DX100, SK1 & SID
  • All sounds feature 100% hardware processing
  • Recorded through audiophile gear: API, Apogee, Otari & more
  • 773 MB Unzipped
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